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Uttaranchal is a small newly formed state of India, and is the true experience to the first meeting with the Himalayas. Blessed with magnificent glaciers, majestic snow-clad mountains, gigantic and majestic peaks, valley of flowers, skiing slopes and dense forests travel to Uttaranchal is a dream come true. A pious destination for the religious with the four most sacred and revered Hindu sites Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri and Yamunotri (collectively known as the Char Dham Yatra ) nestled in the mighty mountains; a challenging destination for the adventure seekers with sports that are offered like river rafting, mountaineering, skiing and trekking; and a picturesque destination for the nature lovers with breathtaking panoramic view of Himalayas, and the lovely valley of flowers. Most of the famous hill stations other than the capital of the state Dehradun, like Mussorie and Nainital are situated in Uttaranchal. The Corbett National Park and the Rajaji wildlife park famous for its Tigers and wildlife is another reason to visit the state.

The place which has most of the hill stations, valley of flowers and the four holy places, what else would a tourist want but to have an assorted platter from natural beauty to adventure sports and from holy sites to snow clad mountains. Uttaranchal is a beautiful and calm state with abundance in natural beauty. The rivers flowing through the state form a fertile land a long with the climatic conditions.

Uttaranchal is undoubtedly India's most beautiful canvas. The main attraction to this place is the un-spoilt and unexploited beauty and the serene calmness. The green valleys and the snow-clad peaks with wonderful panoramic view till the eyes can reach, is mesmerizing and spell binding as well. Uttaranchal has a wonderful cultural and traditional heritage that has been followed for centuries. The people of Uttaranchal are warm and smiling and trying to live through the harsh climatic conditions. The cuisine is essentially north Indian very much similar to the rest of the Northern parts of the India. Items made of wool are easily available here.

::::::::::: Popular Destinations in Uttaranchal ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::


Nestled in the mountain ranges of the Himalaya, Dehradun is one of the oldest cities of India and is recently declared as the Provisional Capital of newly created Uttaranchal State in the month of November 2000. Also known as the 'abode of Drona', Dehradun has always been an important centre for Garhwal rulers, which was captured by the British. It is a favoured tourist destination as it attracts tourists, pilgrims and enthusiasts from various walks of life to its serene environs. Add to this the abundance of special Basmati rice, tea and leechi gardens, which contribute in turning the city into a paradise. Dehradun, the city headquarters of the district is visited by a large number of tourist every year, many of them en-route to Mussoorie. The climate of the city is temperate. Even during summer, it is not so warm at Dehradun as in the district south of it.


The queen of hill stations is about 89 km from Haridwar and the salubrious climate and deep woods make it an ideal hill station. The name, Mussoorie, derives its name from plants of 'Mussoorie', found in abundance here. After its discovery, this place gradually developed as a centre of education, business, tourism and beauty. The hill station of Mussoorie came into being around the 1830s. What began as a small settlement grew into a large station to turn into a hill station of today overlooking the sprawling Doon valley and the city of Dehradun. Mussoorie was not named after a place in England. The British were content to follow the name given by the hill-folk. Mussoorie, at a height of around 7000 ft above the sea level, straddles a ridge in the Garhwal Himalayas, developing into a major tourism destination.


Nainital is a glittering jewel in the Himalayan necklace, blessed with scenic natural splendor and varied natural resources. Dotted with lakes, Nainital has earned the epithet of 'Lake District' of India. The most prominent of the lakes is Naini Lake ringed by hills. Nainital has a varied topography. Some of the important places in the district are Nainital, Haldwani, Kaladhungi, Ramnagar, Bhowali, Ramgarh, Mukteshwar, Bhimtal, Sattal and Naukuchiatal. Nainital's unending expense of scenic beauty is nothing short of a romance with awe-inspiring and pristine Mother Nature.


Haridwar, on the right bank of River Ganga at the feet of Shivalik ranges, an ancient pilgrim city is one of the holiest places for Hindus. Haridwar is at the point where the river Ganga spreads over the northern plain. It lies at the base of the Shivalik Hills where the Ganga passes through its last gorge and begins a 2000 km journey across the plains. One of the four venues for the Kumbh Mela, a festival held once in twelve years, it is among the seven sacred cities of India. A holy dip at Har-Ki-Pauri is a must for every devotee. Situated at the confluence of the rivers, Chandrabhaga and Ganga, Rishikesh has long been a spiritual centre. Haridwar has very rich ancient religious and cultural heritage.

In the ancient scriptures of India, this place is well known by the name of Mayapur. This city is also well known for many other things apart from the holy river Ganges. Haridwar has privilege of having IIT at Roorkee, formerly known as University of Roorkee, founded in 1847 as a first technical institute of India. The tomb Piran Kaliar of Shabir Shahib in Roorkee is a living example of religious harmony in India, which is visited by the people of all religious sects from all over the world. There is another University in the city called Gurukul Kangri Vishva Vidyalaya apart from the head quarter of Uttaranchal State Public Service Commission also being established at Haridwar.


Corbett National Park has captured the imagination of many with its diverse wildlife and breathtaking landscapes. The natural uniqueness of the area was recognised long ago and so in 1936 Corbett attained the distinction as the first national park to be established in mainland Asia. Corbett National Park lies in two districts - Nainital and Pauri - in the hill state of Uttaranchal in northern India. It covers an area of 521 sq. km and together with the neighbouring Sonanadi Wildlife sanctuary and reserve forest areas, forms the Corbett Tiger Reserve over 1288 sq. km.

Corbett isn't just about nature. It is also a rich treasure of history and cultural heritage. The park has a long tradition of conservation. The fact that it is the oldest national park in Asia and India's first Tiger reserve, which symbolises that Corbett is a pioneer in efforts at preserving India's natural heritage. Corbett has been a haunt for tourists and wildlife lovers for a long time. Tourism is allowed in selected areas of Corbett so that people get an opportunity to see its splendid landscape and the diverse wildlife living here.


Uttaranchal's multifariousness in terms of altitude means a corresponding diversity of climate. And the range of temperatures is very wide indeed, all the way from tropical to perpetually sub-zero. Low lying areas, known as the Bhabhar plains (at the foothills of the Himalayas) fall within the warm tropical zone, and the higher you go, the lower the temperature goes- ranging, with increasing altitude, from sub-tropical, through warm temperate, temperate and alpine to glacial and perpetually frozen. Average temperatures range in summer from 30șC in the plains to 14 or 15șC in the mountains. Winter temperatures in the plains average 10 or 11șC, and fall well below freezing higher up.

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