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India-"The Land of Indus Valley Civilization"
    India- the second most populous country in the world and the world's largest liberal democracy; is absolutely a land of multifariousness. India is diverse in its culture, tradition, religious beliefs, language and cuisine. This has been carved out in the works of many travelers including Ibn Battuta, Vasco da Gama, Van Reid, and Huien Tsang, who have visited and been delighted by the charm and beauty of the Indian peninsula.

    Adorned with the snow capped mountains of the Himalayas in the extreme north and the Thar Desert in the north-west, India offers something to everybody. Kashmir on the top of the country has been considered by the great Mughul ruler Babar as the “Paradise on Earth”. The stunning beauty of the north-east of India definitely paves way for the travellers to enter into a literary mood. Among the southern states, Kerala and Goa proffers startling white beaches, deep dense forests, enchanting valleys and a network of backwaters.

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